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Three Effective Ways to create Backlinks in YouTube

YouTube is the   search engine platform that is searched second highest time after Google by visitors. It hosts videos uploaded as user generated content. People search YouTube and find their video of choice. Thus, Youtube Backlinks for SEO offer various options to generate quality backlinks that help in improving ranking in SERP results. It can be done as follows.

  1. Using Annotation to create backlinks (Youtube Backlinks for SEO)

In this method, annotation feature, of YouTube is used. An annotation can be used as speech bubble and spotlight among the others. That speech bubble is used to accommodate the text. The speech bubble is further linked to a website domain / inner page, or anther YouTube video or channel. It is done at a particular point of time. It means that when running video reaches to that time speech bubble will be shown with clickable text. Once the speech bubble is clicked, the viewer of the video reaches of the linked web page or channel or a particular another video. Most importantly, it significantly improves the search ranking of the linked pages.

  1. Using Cards to create backlinks (Youtube Backlinks for SEO)

It is another feature of YouTube to add links. It is created with more details. Besides adding a link to a web page, teaser content with a call to action can also be created in one card. Even adding an image is also possible. We can also add Google approved fund raising projects to cards.

Major difference between Annotation is card is the visibility also. The annotation will come out with the given time, but Card will show a symbol. Unless the symbol is clicked, card will not be displayed in full.

Here, before adding website as a backlink, we have to add it to our profile under the setting section of YouTube.

  1. Backlink through Comments (Youtube Backlinks for SEO)

It can be done by posting quality reviews / comment on video content having related web URL.  It should not be a spam comment. Though, backlink creation through comments depends whether commenting is allowed or prohibited.

Thus, Backlinks created through YouTube helps in getting quick upward movement in search ranking and SEO becomes more effective.

Create  Backlinks in a YouTube Video for effective SEO
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Create Backlinks in a YouTube Video for effective SEO
it gives understanding of building backlinks with Annotations, cards and comments that help in getting effective SEO results.
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