Website Development is an essential requirement for any digital marketer to  create a great landing page experience. Get a thorough and practical understanding of website development using WordPress.

Importance of a website in Digital marketing

Types of website

What is web development

Website Planning

·         Business Objectives

·         User needs

Website Content

·         Customer Journey Mapping

·         Content Formats

·         Website Design & Process

·         Usability

o   Key terms and concepts

o   Core principles of UX design

o   Mobile UX

o   Step by step guide to UX Design

o   Tools of The Trade


Website Construction Considerations

·         Information architecture & sitemaps

·         Wireframe & Prototyping

·         Navigation planning

·         Interaction Planning

CMS Introduction & Overview

·         Popular CMS packages


·         Building a website using WordPress

o   Themes

o   Plugins

Mobile Consideration

Website Testing

Web Hosting Conceptual Overview

Website Audit


Website optimization Concepts