Web analytics helps to understand and analysis the traffic data coming to our web property. it helps in optimization of the content, look and feel of the web property. learn these concepts with practical exposure on real time data analysis.

Introduction to Web Analytics

Key Performance Indicators & Analytics Techniques


Actionable Web Analytics Reporting

Web Data Analysis Guide

Qualitative Research

Experimentation and Testing

Competitive Intelligence Analysis

Multi-Channel Analytics


Industry Models, Complex Measurement and Approaches

Social Media Analytics


Google Analytics

·         How Google Analytics Works

·         Interface Features

·         Reports

·         Some of the most popular reports are:

·         Audience

·         Acquisition:

·         Campaign Tracking

·         Behavior

·         Conversions

·         Multi-Channel Funnels

·         Advanced Interface feature

·         Goals

·         Configuration Options

·         Using Reports

·         Model for Successful Analysis

·         Advanced Options

·         Tracking

Introduction to Google Tag Manager