Social media marketing is a very important channel in digital marketing. Only Facebook owns more than 1 Billion registered users. So, it becomes imperative to engage them with the offerings now. So, Learn it from us with the help of live campaigns.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Business case for Social Media

Introduction to Social Media Platforms

Platforms focus


·         Platform Overview & Features

·         Facebook for Networking

·         Facebook for Business

·         Content Strategy:

·         Facebook Advertising

·         Power Editor

·         Facebook Analytics


·         Platform Overview and Features

·         Twitter For Networking

·         Twitter for Business

·         Content strategy for Twitter

·         Advertising on Twitter

·         Twitter Analytics



·         LinkedIn For Professionals

·         LinkedIn for Business

·         Advertising on LinkedIn

·         Content Strategy for LinkedIn

·         LinkedIn Metrics


·         Platform Overview & Features

·         Advantages of Google Ecosystem

·         Advertising on Google+

·         Google+ Analytics


·         Platform Overview and Features

·         Video Marketing Concepts

·         Advertising on YouTube with Google Adwords

·         YouTube Analytics

·         Best Practices



·         Platform Overview & Features

·         Using Pinterest in your Social Media Marketing Mix

·         Content Strategy for Pinterest

·         Using Pinterest to drive sales

Social Media Strategy & Planning

·         Situating Social in Digital

·         Creating an effective Social Media Strategy

·         Identifying KPI

·         Putting Together A Social Media Marketing Plan

Measuring Performance of Social Media

Social Media ROI