Learn search engine optimization from the scratch to the advance level. Learn here with practical classes and apply immediately to your own project. It gives you the learning by doing experience in SEO.

Introduction to Search

·         Search Engine Basics

·         Ranking Factors

Keyword Research

·         Keyword Research Theory

·         Traditional approaches Domain Expertise and Site Content Analysis

·         Keyword Research options

·         Keyword Research Data from Tools

·         Leveraging the long tail of keyword Demand

·         Trending, Seasonality & Fluctuations in Keyword Demand

On-Site Optimization

·         Making the site accessible to search Engines

·         Keyword Optimization

·         Semantic Search & Google’s Hummingbird


·         Google Authorship and Author Authority

·         Google Knowledge Graph and the Knowledge Vault

·         Social Networking for Links

·         Social Media and SEO

·         Correlation between Social Signals and Google Rankings

·         User Engagement as a Measure of Search Quality

·         Document Analysis

Local and Vertical SEO

·         Optimizing for vertical search

·         Optimizing for Local Search

·         Optimizing for Image Search

·         Content optimization


·         Optimizing for Google Shopping Search

·         Optimizing for blog search

·         Optimizing for News Search Google News

·         Optimizing for Video / Multimedia search

Search Algorithms

·         Diagnosing the Cause of Traffic Loss

·         Major Google Algorithms

·         Penalties

·         Recovery

SEO Strategy & Planning

·         Advanced Methods of Planning and Evaluation

·         SMART Objectives

·         Creating an SEO Plan

Tracking & Measuring SEO performance

·         Measuring SEO traffic

·         Tying SEO to conversion & ROI:

·         Redirects