PPC Marketing

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing is one of the most trusted online channel of digital marketing that can deliver leads to new businesses also. Here, PPC stands for “pay per click”. PPC is used as synonymous to CPC (cost per click), search engine marketing or Adwords marketing. In Google search or Bing /Yahoo search, we always see advertisement of related products and services above the search results. It comes due to PPC marketing campaign. Advertisers have to pay as per their bidding option to run a PPC marketing campaign. There are two most popular platforms to run a search marketing campaign.

  1. Google Adwords (PPC Marketing)

  2. Bing Ads  (PPC Marketing)

 Google Adwords has the largest market share in the search engine marketing segment and offers variety of ad campaign. These types are as follows:

  1. Text Ad / search Ad through Search network marketing
  2. Display Ads through Display Marketing
  3. Video Ads through Video Marketing
  4. Product listing Ads by Shopping campaign

It offers exclusive and customized targeting and selection option of audience to whom we are willing to target. It can be done on the basis of Geographical Area, Audience, Affinity and Interest and radius targeting among others. New features such as HTML5, Light box Ad, YouTube Masthead ad and animated ad give the exclusive option to advertisers.

Also, Remarketing cannot be overlooked as it tracks those people who have visited the website before. Bidding option not only includes cost per click, or PPC, it also gives a bidding option through CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression) method, VCPM and manual bidding among the others. Search engines have tied up with websites of diverse background to publish these ads on their websites. For example, Google AdSense is one of the program run by the Google to establish publishers’ network. Microsoft uses Bing and Yahoo network to publish ads.

 In a nutshell, it can be said that PPC marketing is the brightest outlet for business development. It does not guarantee of sales, but it brings people to the companies who want business in the most effective manner.

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What is PPC Marketing?
Article Name
What is PPC Marketing?
PPC Marketing helps firms to generate leads or sales in most effective ways, offered by Google Adwords & Bing Ads.

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