Collect email ids and do email marketing

Email marketing has gained prominence as a very important channel of digital marketing. Though, the biggest concern is to collect the relevant email ids and build list to get the efficient results in email marketing campaign. The given video show the complete process in simple “Do-it-Yourself” steps.

Besides, these steps are also mentioned as follows:

Step 1:

we have to target particular type of companies with suitable keyword phrases. Here, we are targeting event management companies in India.

Our search term phrase is “event management companies in India contact email id “info@*.in”-gov”.

email marketing 1

Step 2:

we have seen that lot of email ids have come in search result. Don’t forget to get 100 results in your search query through the settings.

email marketing 3

Step 3: To use emails in email marketing, we have to use one email extractor to get these email ids. In this example, we are using for the demonstration purpose.

Step 4: Select all content of the search page and paste it into extractor window. Now, email is extracted, but it is not proper. Thus, we have to clean the data.
email marketing 4Step 5: To clean the email data, we need an Excel add-in. For this, we have downloaded digdb.xla. Following mentioned add-in also removes the duplicate emails. It can be downloaded by searching “digdb excel add in” in Google search engine.

email marketing 5 email marketing 6 email marketing 7

That’s it. We are done.

Similarly, we can collect emails from other search engines and Google domains also such as or .au among the others.

Collect emails and do email marketing
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Collect emails and do email marketing
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