Digital marketing creates big opportunity for those who want to earn money online with making any significant investment. You can also do it with Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing techniques.

Blogging & AdSense

·         Introduction to Blogging

·         Basics of Effective Content creation

·         Niche V/S Mass

·         Setting up your own blog

·         Tips , Tricks & Tools

·         Introduction to Google AdSense

·         Blogger to publisher

·         Is your blog AdSense ready?

·         Qualifying and signing up for AdSense

·         Google AdSense policies

·         Various form of Google AdSense

·         Optimizing for AdSense

·         Principles of Ad and Keyword Placement

·         AdSense Analytics

·         Important tips and tricks

Affiliate Marketing

·         Introduction

·         How Affiliate Marketing Works

·         Types of Affiliate Marketing

·         Opportunities

·         Best Practices

·         Major Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Marketing Tools