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How to increase sales using social media marketing

Social media marketing is the one of the most important digital marketing techniques that is benefitting a huge number of businesses across the globe. Today, there are more than 2 billion people, registered on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram among the others. These users become a target audience that can be approached and reached upon to, using the social media marketing. Hence, social media marketing becomes a very interesting and attractive proposition for the digital marketers. It is the reason for the demand of professionals who are very good in social media marketing and have got a very good social media marketing training. There are different platforms that provide social media marketing and help increase the sales of the products and services. These platforms are as follows:

1. Facebook as a social media Platform

Facebook is the social media platform that has the highest number of registered users and it has the specific provisions to increase the sales. It starts with the creation of business page for the business for whom, the business is to be promoted. Using business page creation, a business can promote its products and services via that page and create likes on that page. It shows the fan following level of the business. Afterwards, the business can create and manage different types of ads using the business page on the Facebook profile. At present, there are more than 10 types of ads that can be created using a Facebook marketing by creating different types of ads. The most important type of the ad is a lead generation campaign for the business. It helps business to create a form that will be attached to the image based ad and that form will be used to fill the details by the consumers. These details will be forwarded to the business who have run the lead generation campaign. Now, business will contact the leads, convince them and convert to generate sales. The next type of campaign is to send people to the website pages that are specific to the products and services being promoted. It has a single image, or image slideshows that are linked to the web page. Once the ad is clicked, the consumer visits the web page and reviews products and services. It creates a scope of lead submission that can be used to generate sales.

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2. Twitter ads for social media marketing

Twitter as a social media platform is getting very popular due to its precise, specific nature of the content being targeted to the audience that are short, but highly meaningful to the audience. Twitter with its huge number of the registered user base, has been very attractive to the social media marketers and for these people, twitter ads have been launched. It has different types of ads that only make tweets to be in trend, but also help audience reach to the website. It develops awareness and interest that can be converted to leads with a mentioning of mobile numbers and contact form. With regular interaction with the audience, business is able to convince the visitors to buy products and service, either at the website or submit details to generate leads. Hence, using twitter ads is very important for businesses to generate sales.

3. LinkedIn ads for social media marketing

LinkedIn as a social media platform is a paradise for those who are interested in corporate sales. LinkedIn is a place for networking among the professionals and high profile people such as vice presidents, CEOs, managers and other executives interact with each other. These designations are what who take key decisions for their organization. Hence, marketing with suitable content to these people via LinkedIn ad platform, can help businesses generate corporate sales and huge amount of revenue can be generated with each sales opportunity. Due to this reason, LinkedIn ads is very important for the digital marketers. Here, the marketers can bring visitors to the company page, or to the website using LinkedIn ads while making targeting on the basis of location, profile, company size and industry among the others. It makes sales opportunities for the businesses.

Further, other social media platforms will be discussed in the next article.

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