Facebook Monetization Earn money 2019

Facebook Advertisement helps you to monetize your apps , as well as mobile based website through Facebook monetization program. Advertisers can extend their campaigns not only on Facebook also on other mobile application. Ads has bigger reach because these ads  drive results as they are designed to help marketers meet their business objectives like driving app installs and engagement to the website.

Following are the step to monetize mobile app by facebook advertisement:

Step 1: Get a FB App ID is our first motive

Step 2: Provide the site URL

Step 3: Create Placement ID is an important step

Step 4: Fill out Payout Information

Step 5: Filters and Performance

These are the steps as followed:

Step 1: Getting a FB App ID is our first motive

[1] Previously I make a video on how to make FB App ID and Page tab go check it out .

[1.1] Get a FB App ID. You can either choose the existing app or create a new FB app ID

Facebook Monetization 1

[1.2] To choose an existing app, select it from the drop-down menu

Facebook Monetization 2

[1.3] Creating a new FB App ID, enter the app name and pick your category.

Facebook Monetization 3

[1.4] Once you have your FB App ID, you’ll go to your developer dashboard and accept terms and condition.

Facebook Monetization 4

Step 2: Provide the site URL

[2.1] To use Audience Network for mobile websites, you have to provide the exact URL  where you want to show ads.

Facebook Monetization 5

Step 3: Placement IDs is Created

Audience Network offers 3 types of ad units: banner, app only, and native ads. Each ad unit in  app or mobile website is identified using a unique placement IDs.

[3.1] To test the ad Placement Ids click on the ad placement button, so that it start testing your application.

Facebook Monetization 6

[3.2] Create a separate placement for each location for the better insights, help you to know where you want to show your ads.

Facebook Monetization 7[3.3] See your placement(s) or create more ad placements.

Facebook Monetization 8

Step 4: Fill up your Payout

Facebook Monetization 9

Making money on Audience Network, you just need to give payee name, address and some other bank information for the payout.

Facebook Monetization 10

When it Goes Live

When your app is getting approved you receive the email. Placements get live and started seeing ads on the application.

Facebook Monetization 11

Step 5: Filters and Performance

Set the filters for the ads when its gets approved by facebook.And to track your revenue stats i.e.impressions and clicks of the visitor use performance dashboard.

Setting up Filters

Filter by category or application and much more.

[1] Now it is the final step enter your iTunes /Google Play Store links which you are not interested to receive ads in your application.

Facebook Monetization 12

[2] Filter out categories of the ads you do not want to be appear in your app

Facebook Monetization 13


From the setting page you can access the dashboards, hover over Audience Network; then choose the Performance tab:

Facebook Monetization 14

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