It is the time for a complete Email Marketing to generate leads for the business. Learn the essentials of the strategic planning in digital marketing perspective to achieve the ROI as key objective of the business campaign.

Introduction to Email Marketing

Foundations of Email Marketing

Importance of Email Marketing

Email Types

Understanding the Economic Impact of Email

Permission Marketing & its benefits

Permission types

Email Marketing Tools

  • Filtering, Bouncing and Blocking
  • Non-Technical issue
  • Technical Issues

List Building & Profiling

On boarding & Welcome Emails

Persuasive Email Design and Body Content Tracking

  • Why Tracking is important
  • How Email Tracking Works

Targeting & Personalization


Landing Pages

Quality Assurance & Disaster Planning

Unsubscribe Process

Testing & Measurement


  • Benefits of Subscriber Feedback
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Four Key Places to Collect Feedback

Strategic Perspective on Email Marketing

  • Subscriber Lifecycle
  • Permission & List Growth
  • Inbox Placement
  • Relevance
  • Rendering
  • Email Frequency