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Create Sitemap and upload to Servers

Sitemap refers to the complete and updated details of webpage URLs, intended for website visitors. So, Create Sitemap for Website is very important. These visitors are of two types.

  1. Search Engine Crawlers
  2. Human Beings

An XML sitemap (Create Sitemap for Website)  is created for search engine crawlers and HTML sitemap is created for human beings as visitors. A website requires a mandatory presence of XML sitemap that is regularly crawled by crawlers or search engine robots to crawl and index the webpages. Thus, updated sitemap for a website helps in quicker indexing of webpages. It further helps in higher ranking in search results. Thus, an XML sitemap is very important for effective SEO strategies.

HTML sitemap can also be created and saved on a website. It becomes very useful for those websites that own large number of pages and / or huge amount of content.

XML sitemap is created in following steps:

Step 1: Visit any of the online tools that create sitemap. In this example, I have chosen

Step 2: Enter the website URL and click on create MAP. If, you want to create HTML map and / or check image within the sitemap, then select that option also.


Step 3: After step 2, website is being analysed. After the analysis, click on XML sitemap.

Step 4: Set the frequency of change in post / page, preference level.

Step 5: Copy the complete link structure and save it as “sitemap.xml”

Create Sitemap for Website

Common style of Sitemap is as follows.

Create Sitemap for Website

Step6: Log in to the control panel and upload this “sitemap.xml” file to the root directory of the website on server. Now, verify it by putting in following url to the browser. Create Sitemap for Website is completed now.

http://www.yourwebsitename.ext/sitemap.xml . Here, you have to input your own website domain name. if it shows the sitemap then it is properly placed on servers. Otherwise retry to do it properly. Create Sitemap for Website.

Similarly, HTML sitemap can be created and it can be saved as an HTML page and linked through a suitable navigation plan. In WordPress website, a sitemap developed in HTML can be copied and pasted in “Text” section of CMS and saved as a page.

An updated sitemap for a website gives many benefits that make it compulsory for every webmasters. A detailed video tutorial to create a sitemap and upload the same to servers is as follows.


Create a sitemap and upload it to servers
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Create a sitemap and upload it to servers
it is a step by step video tutorial that gives complete explanation of how to create a sitemap and how it can be uploaded to hosting servers for effective results.
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