Conversion optimization deals with the superior returns without making any additional investment. learn the techniques of conversion optimization to boost your ROI, expected  from paid and organic marketing campaigns.

Understanding Conversion Optimization

Leveraging the three components of Conversion Optimization

Setting Conversion Optimization Goals

·         Identifying Goals

·         Using Micro Conversions vs. Macro Conversions

·         Goal Ranking

Understanding Target Audience

·         Understanding the Prospect’s perception filter

·         Using Research Methods

·         Data Types

·         Using Segmentation to Create Relevance

Prioritizing Testing Opportunities

·         Understanding and Prioritizing funnel stages

·         Prioritizing high-potential pages

·         Prioritizing high-importance pages

·         Prioritizing high-ease pages

·         Creating PIE table



Creating Test Hypotheses Using the LIFT model

Understanding the Hypothesis Structure

Testing the Value Proposition

Test Setup

·         Understanding Testing Technology

·         Selecting your test type: A/B vs MVT vs Split-path vs site-wide test

·         Selecting a Testing Tool

·         Creating Test variations

·         Combining Conversion Optimization with SEO

Analyzing test results

·         Understanding testing- tool statistics

·         Gaining Insights from tests

·         Understanding Losing tests

Key Tools, Tips, and Resources