Get a Good Job in Digital Marketing

All aspiring fresher individuals want to land a good job to jump start their career or Job in digital marketing. Some of them succeed and the rest of the lot settles for a mediocre job that puts them nowhere as per their own career plan. Then, what an individual should do to land a good job that can give a promising career. In this article of Job in digital marketing , a case is taken for a digital marketing job profile that is trending hot in the business environment as everyone is going online. One critical aspect that is identified in digital marketing that it is more of a time and less of a money. Further, digital marketing (Job in digital marketing) is an umbrella to different online marketing techniques pursued by professionals. For example, SEO executive, PPC Analyst, SMO /SMM Manager, Affiliate marketing executive a

lt  comes under the umbrella of digital marketing but, goes to different types of online marketing or Job in digital marketing.

Lessons for job in digital marketing:

Thus, first lesson, select the online marketing vertical, you are most passionate about. Select SEO, PPC / search engine marketing, Social Media marketing or Email marketing and become the expert of that particular module while being the jack of the modules too. Job in digital marketing

Second lesson, Do it yourself. Create a website and promote yourself for 3-6 month in the module you are willing to make  a career. It will give you the first hand experience and troubleshooting skills. In industry, trouble shooters are preferred to those who are trouble finder. Job in digital marketing

Third lesson, keep yourself updated as digital marketing is very dynamic. What is being done today, may be outdated tomorrow. To keep  yourself updated, follow: Job in digital marketing

  1. MOZ blog
  2. Google Webmaster central blogs
  3. Any other good blogging website

Fourth Lesson, be confident. In marketing profile, nothing is 100% sure. You can improve the probability of success only. Thus, don’t be fearful and anxious in interviews.

Fifth Lesson, Digital marketing job has two aspects. Functional and technical. What is your interest area? Functional aspect requires superior communication skills. Technical aspect requires superior implementation skills. Functional job brings the business and technical job delivers the business. Job in digital marketing

Sixth Lesson, Always be careful of earning opportunities being created nearby you such as a part time income, freelancing jobs. Job in digital marketing

Thus, clarity of functional domain, selection of right online marketing area, good communication with regular update on recent and relevant development will increase the chances of landing a good digital marketing job. For more information, visit our blog section, here.

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Earn Money Online

It is always aspired by people to earn more online by using their leisure time. In other words, people always want to earn part time income apart from their earnings from a full time job. To realize this aspiration, proper utilization of online channels give the best of opportunities. Let’s discuss it one by one as follows:

  1. Google AdSense (Earn money online 2017)

Google AdSense is the most trustworthy and reliable paymaster as far as online income is concerned. To apply Google AdSense, a basic requirement is to own a blog, website or YouTube account to facilitate the process. In this article, I have focused my discussion upon income from Google AdSense through a website. Here, we should understand the revenue model of Google AdSense program. Under this program, We apply display ads to our website through Google AdSense and when  a visitor comes to our website and read articles and while doing so, he clicks on the ad. In this case, visitors go to the landing page as directed by the ad. In all these processes, my website is the medium to send people to a website through a Google Ad. Now, Google will give a certain percentage of the earnings from the click on the ad to my account. Thus, more number of visits take place to my website, it results in more clicks and I earn more in my account from Google AdSense. The basic requirement assessed by Google AdSense program is the presence of quality, informative and interesting content on the website. Besides, a website should also adhere to the policies as well as terms and conditions defined by Google AdSense program.

To achieve the Google AdSense program, Do the following steps  (Earn money online 2016) :

  1. Create a website and put rich and unique content on the website on a regular basis
  2. Add privacy policy and Terms of Use policy to the website
  3. Create Google webmaster account for the website
  4. Follow the google AdSense policies
  5. Never put any other ad / affiliate link on the website before applying for the Google AdSense
  6. Go to Google AdSense portal and signup with necessary details
  7. Put the ad code on your website and wait for the confirmation of approval mail

Attention: Never make clicks yourself and by your well-wishers to your own website. Your account will be suspended.

  1. Affiliate Marketing (Earn money online 2017)

It is the second best method to earn part time income from a website. Owner of the website becomes an affiliate of ecommerce portals, Health / slimming products and digital marketing agencies. Becoming an affiliate does not require any payment and it is free of cost. One major difference from the Google AdSense program is that: Google AdSense pays when a click on the ad takes place whereas in Affiliate marketing, payment takes place when a product is sold through your website. Here, revenue model works as follows:

under the program of Earn money online 2016, Owner of the website becomes an affiliate of the merchant. Next, affiliate selects the type of banner ad, he wants to put on the website and copy the code snippet. Copied snippet code is pasted in the website at a proper place. When a visitor comes to the website and clicks on the affiliate ad, the visitor goes to the merchant website. If, any product is purchased by the visitor, then the affiliate gets commission in his affiliate account that can be reimbursed later. The best part is, affiliate ads can also be added through social media platforms as status update. Any product sold by the visitors who have come by clicking on your post, will reward commission to your account. Thus, take the following steps:

  1. Identify the niche category of ads you want to promote through affiliate
  2. Plan your website and put content suitable for the niche category of affiliate ads
  3. Become an affiliate by creating an affiliate account on the merchant website
  4. Place snippet code at different sections of the website
  5. Promote your website and attract visitors
  6. Get commission and earn income.

Besides, under Earn money online 2016, there are many other ways to earn money, such as data entry jobs, survey participation, watch ad and earn and many more in the list. But, most of them are unreliable in nature.  Thus,  the most beneficial and long lasting revenue making  programs is Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. Opt for these two methods of earning part time income, you will never be disappointed.