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Facebook Monetization Earn money 2019

Facebook Monetization Earn money 2019

Facebook Advertisement helps you to monetize your apps , as well as mobile based website through Facebook monetization program. Advertisers can extend their campaigns not only on Facebook also on other mobile application. Ads has bigger reach because these ads  drive results as they are designed to help marketers meet their business objectives like driving app installs and engagement to the website. Continue reading →

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Create Facebook App and Page Tab

Create Facebook App and Page Tab

Facebook App is a very powerful tool offered by Facebook Developers to add customization in Facebook page. It can help app makers to covert Facebook page visitors to be the valuable business lead. Further, a complete blog / website / storefront can be established in Facebook interface. A detailed video tutorial has been built for your practice.


Besides, it has the following steps to create a successful Facebook App and Page Tab.

Step1: Login your personal profile on Facebook

Facebook app and page tab

 Step2: open Facebook developer app page and click on create new app

Facebook app and page tab 2

Step3: Create app and add the code snippet to the page / post on the website

Facebook app and page tab 2

Step4: Go to settings and add “Facebook Canvas”

Facebook app and page tab 4

Step5: Fill the details of necessary website details as per the screenshot example and save

Facebook app and page tab 5

Step6: Copy the canvas URL in browser, your website page / post is now fetched in to Facebook.

Facebook app and page tab 6

Step7: Now in the settings tab, add “page tab” and fill up the details as per the following screenshots.

Facebook app and page tab 7

Step8: Now Build the URL for page tab installation as per the following details.

Facebook app and page tab 8

Step9: Add a page tab to the particular Facebook page, you want.

Facebook app and page tab 9

Step10: Configure the position of “page tab” through the manage tab under more menu of the Facebook page.

Facebook app and page tab 10

That’s it. You are done.

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Top 4 Online Channels to Run Digital Marketing Campaign

Top 4 Online Channels to Run Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing channels have become the source of earning “bread and butter” for smaller firms  through lead generation & business development. It gives an opportunity as well as strategy to focus upon a targeted segment on the basis of focusing geographical area. To run an efficient and effective digital marketing campaign, following Digital marketing channels can be used.


Pay Per Click Marketing

Digital marketing channels

It is the most efficient online channel for business development. Even a new firm also can reach up to the target customer. Digital marketing channels such as Google Adwords offers pay per click marketing through network partners. To continue into PPC marketing campaign:

  1. Create Account in Google Adwords (It is free of Cost)
  2. Select your Ad campaign
  3. Create your ads as per the Google standard guidelines
  4. Select Keywords
  5. Include Negative Keywords
  6. Complete Your Billing

Your Ads start Running after verification. Contact Google Support also to resolve your issues. it is the benefit of Digital marketing channels.

It is a simple step by step “Do it yourself” method. If not comfortable, hire any good digital marketing agency using Digital marketing channels to complete the Job on your behalf. Pay per click marketing does not guarantee any success, but it improves the chances of success in a big way.


Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing channels

Social Media Marketing is another way to reach your target audience. Only Facebook has more than 1.2 Billion registered users. Thus, it is a big happening place to drive visitors to your website. Before starting a Social Media Marketing Campaign, identify your target customer. For B2B campaign, LinkedIn Marketing is a better option. For B2C campaign, Facebook, Marketing is a better way to go ahead. Facebook helps you to create 9 different types of ads to promote your business. Best part of the Facebook campaign is the daily budget. You can start it will as low as Rs. 40/Day budget. Twitter has also started offering promotional ads from many geographical territories including India.

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Top Seven Must Have Plugins for a WordPress Website

Top Seven Must Have Plugins for a WordPress Website

Top plugins for wordpress are the tools that give additional functionality to a WordPress website. Though, there are thousands of plugins available for installation, some of them are very useful and must have for every website. out of those, seven plugins have been selected for  reference.

  1. AKISMET (top plugins for wordpress)

AkismetA new website always becomes the target of spam comments and here you need a plugin that filters out such comments and protect the website. Thus, be sure to have it in the list of installed plugins. It simply protects your website from unsolicited comments while being in the background.