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ThankYou Page to ContactUs Form in WordPress Website

ThankYou Page to ContactUs Form in WordPress Website

Conversion tracking has been an important measurement while conducting business development activities. It helps us to evaluate the execution of valuable activities on a website. One of those valuable activities is lead generation for business development. It can simply be tracked by no. of times, “thank-you” page appears after each submission through the contact us form. In default setting with a WordPress website, contact us plugins don’t show a thank-you page after form submission. Thus, we need additional changes to be done so that thank-you page appears. It is explained in full details in following video tutorial. We have used “Contact Form 7” plugin to explain the process (thankyou page wordpress).

Besides, following step by step process can also be followed to achieve the objective (thankyou page wordpress):

Step1:    log in to WordPress website – thankyou page wordpress

Step2:   Add contact form 7 plugin

Step3:   Create Contact Form Page

Step4:   create a thank you page

Step5:   Now link your thank-you page to contact us form

thankyou page wordpress

Add following code to the addition setting section of the “contact form 7” plugin

on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘http://www.yourdomain.com/thankyou’);”. In this tutorial, code implemented is on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘http://www.lifekiduniya.com/thankyou’);”

Step6:   Now, we are done. Test it and use it for further tracking codes. It is very helpful in conversion tracking work in lead generation through Adwords (thankyou page wordpress).

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Top 4 Online Channels to Run Digital Marketing Campaign

Top 4 Online Channels to Run Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing channels have become the source of earning “bread and butter” for smaller firms  through lead generation & business development. It gives an opportunity as well as strategy to focus upon a targeted segment on the basis of focusing geographical area. To run an efficient and effective digital marketing campaign, following Digital marketing channels can be used.


Pay Per Click Marketing

Digital marketing channels

It is the most efficient online channel for business development. Even a new firm also can reach up to the target customer. Digital marketing channels such as Google Adwords offers pay per click marketing through network partners. To continue into PPC marketing campaign:

  1. Create Account in Google Adwords (It is free of Cost)
  2. Select your Ad campaign
  3. Create your ads as per the Google standard guidelines
  4. Select Keywords
  5. Include Negative Keywords
  6. Complete Your Billing

Your Ads start Running after verification. Contact Google Support also to resolve your issues. it is the benefit of Digital marketing channels.

It is a simple step by step “Do it yourself” method. If not comfortable, hire any good digital marketing agency using Digital marketing channels to complete the Job on your behalf. Pay per click marketing does not guarantee any success, but it improves the chances of success in a big way.


Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing channels

Social Media Marketing is another way to reach your target audience. Only Facebook has more than 1.2 Billion registered users. Thus, it is a big happening place to drive visitors to your website. Before starting a Social Media Marketing Campaign, identify your target customer. For B2B campaign, LinkedIn Marketing is a better option. For B2C campaign, Facebook, Marketing is a better way to go ahead. Facebook helps you to create 9 different types of ads to promote your business. Best part of the Facebook campaign is the daily budget. You can start it will as low as Rs. 40/Day budget. Twitter has also started offering promotional ads from many geographical territories including India.

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Top Seven Must Have Plugins for a WordPress Website

Top Seven Must Have Plugins for a WordPress Website

Top plugins for wordpress are the tools that give additional functionality to a WordPress website. Though, there are thousands of plugins available for installation, some of them are very useful and must have for every website. out of those, seven plugins have been selected for  reference.

  1. AKISMET (top plugins for wordpress)

AkismetA new website always becomes the target of spam comments and here you need a plugin that filters out such comments and protect the website. Thus, be sure to have it in the list of installed plugins. It simply protects your website from unsolicited comments while being in the background.

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What is PPC Marketing?

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing is one of the most trusted online channel of digital marketing that can deliver leads to new businesses also. Here, PPC stands for “pay per click”. PPC is used as synonymous to CPC (cost per click), search engine marketing or Adwords marketing. In Google search or Bing /Yahoo search, we always see advertisement of related products and services above the search results. It comes due to PPC marketing campaign. Advertisers have to pay as per their bidding option to run a PPC marketing campaign. There are two most popular platforms to run a search marketing campaign.

  1. Google Adwords (PPC Marketing)

  2. Bing Ads  (PPC Marketing)

 Google Adwords has the largest market share in the search engine marketing segment and offers variety of ad campaign. These types are as follows:

  1. Text Ad / search Ad through Search network marketing
  2. Display Ads through Display Marketing
  3. Video Ads through Video Marketing
  4. Product listing Ads by Shopping campaign

It offers exclusive and customized targeting and selection option of audience to whom we are willing to target. It can be done on the basis of Geographical Area, Audience, Affinity and Interest and radius targeting among others. New features such as HTML5, Light box Ad, YouTube Masthead ad and animated ad give the exclusive option to advertisers.

Also, Remarketing cannot be overlooked as it tracks those people who have visited the website before. Bidding option not only includes cost per click, or PPC, it also gives a bidding option through CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression) method, VCPM and manual bidding among the others. Search engines have tied up with websites of diverse background to publish these ads on their websites. For example, Google AdSense is one of the program run by the Google to establish publishers’ network. Microsoft uses Bing and Yahoo network to publish ads.

 In a nutshell, it can be said that PPC marketing is the brightest outlet for business development. It does not guarantee of sales, but it brings people to the companies who want business in the most effective manner.

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