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Add Google Analytics Code to WordPress Website

Add Google Analytics Code to WordPress Website

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google to measure and analyze the visitor’s interaction with a website. At present, free version of the tool helps people to understand the complete details of visitor demographics, location and search preferences among the others. One account of Google Analytics can register and create 100 no. of UA properties. Without implementing Google Analytics code to a website, the owners cannot understand the visitor’s behavior on a website. Following Video tutorial helps you to create and implement it to a WordPress website.

Step by step method with screenshots are as follows:

Step1: Log In to your Google Analytics Account with Google ID

Google Analytics in WordPress
Step2: Go To Admin Section and Create a new  Property in the account and Fill up the related details.

Google Analytics in WordPress 2
Step3: Accept the T&C and Your required Code/JS is ready. Copy this code.

Google Analytics in WordPress 3
Step4: Log In to your WordPress website and go to the editor Section under Appearance Menu of your dashboard.

Google Analytics in WordPress 4
Step5: Open “header.php” file and paste the given Code/JS before closing Head (</head>) Tag.

Google Analytics in WordPress 5
Step6: Update the “header.php” file and that’s it. You have done it successfully.

Google Analytics in WordPress 6 Google Analytics in WordPress 7
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Top 4 Online Channels to Run Digital Marketing Campaign

Top 4 Online Channels to Run Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing channels have become the source of earning “bread and butter” for smaller firms  through lead generation & business development. It gives an opportunity as well as strategy to focus upon a targeted segment on the basis of focusing geographical area. To run an efficient and effective digital marketing campaign, following Digital marketing channels can be used.


Pay Per Click Marketing

Digital marketing channels

It is the most efficient online channel for business development. Even a new firm also can reach up to the target customer. Digital marketing channels such as Google Adwords offers pay per click marketing through network partners. To continue into PPC marketing campaign:

  1. Create Account in Google Adwords (It is free of Cost)
  2. Select your Ad campaign
  3. Create your ads as per the Google standard guidelines
  4. Select Keywords
  5. Include Negative Keywords
  6. Complete Your Billing

Your Ads start Running after verification. Contact Google Support also to resolve your issues. it is the benefit of Digital marketing channels.

It is a simple step by step “Do it yourself” method. If not comfortable, hire any good digital marketing agency using Digital marketing channels to complete the Job on your behalf. Pay per click marketing does not guarantee any success, but it improves the chances of success in a big way.


Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing channels

Social Media Marketing is another way to reach your target audience. Only Facebook has more than 1.2 Billion registered users. Thus, it is a big happening place to drive visitors to your website. Before starting a Social Media Marketing Campaign, identify your target customer. For B2B campaign, LinkedIn Marketing is a better option. For B2C campaign, Facebook, Marketing is a better way to go ahead. Facebook helps you to create 9 different types of ads to promote your business. Best part of the Facebook campaign is the daily budget. You can start it will as low as Rs. 40/Day budget. Twitter has also started offering promotional ads from many geographical territories including India.

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Six benefits of  Google analytics to a business

Six benefits of Google analytics to a business

Google Analytics is one of the most important, but free tool offered by Google to evaluate the engagement of visitors at our website. It is made in various dimensions, thus it captures those visitor insights that cannot be understood by website owners alone.

Google Analytics gives precise details of no. of visits, page view bounce rate as well the location of visitor who are coming to a particular website. These insights are broad categories as follows:

  1. Audience Insights

 It gives information about the demographic, gender as well as age statistics of people who are visiting to our website. It tells the precise audience group for whom website has to offer content. It increases the stickiness that reduces the bounce rate.

  1. Visitors’ movement

It gives the clear picture about how visitors are moving across the website as well as their dropouts from a particular page. It helps in identifying the loopholes in our web pages and corrective action is taken. It can help in increasing the conversion.

  1. Real-time Analysis

In default setting, Google analytics given data of past one month. But, Google Analytics has given a very important feature that is called “Real Time”. In this feature, presence of visitor, source of traffic as well as location is tracked on a real time basis. It is a very important feature especially for e-commerce companies who want to see the visits on a real-time basis.

  1. Search Traffic

It gives insights of the referrals and other traffic being received by the website. It tells exactly which website is sending referrals. By this, spam traffic can be filtered out to see the genuine traffic. Social signals are also tracked under this section.

  1. Conversion insights

Here, goal conversions, funnel statistics and custom channel grouping data can be reviewed. It can be done by setting goals, funnel and creating custom channel. Here, monetary value assigned to a goal will show as conversion value that differs with different type of business objectives.

  1. Admin Panel Control with User Management

Google analytics gives us many features that can be used to get precise understanding and details. We can create different customize views as well as filters can be applied on these views. Besides, Goal and funnel can also be created to measure the conversion. Even content grouping and event tracking can also be done to get better knowledge of visitor interaction with the website.

Besides, there are many other features such as in page analytics, in maker and affinity audience, Cohort analysis and Benchmarking among the others that is offered free of cost by Google analytics. For establishes businesses, paid / premium version of Google analytics is also available with some more advanced features.