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Steps to succeed in digital marketing

Steps to succeed in digital marketing

Digital marketing has become a very important marketing approach that uses online channels and not only help big companies, but also it helps small and medium enterprises to achieve their business goals. Further, it helps to measure the performance of marketing initiatives so that a business can take corrective measures and reshape the marketing strategy. It makes imperative for all the marketers to become successful in digital marketing. In this regard, it is important for the digital marketers to organize its digital marketing strategy in a way, that it brings success to them. It can be done in different stages as follows:

Stage1:  Prepare an SEO optimized and customer friendly website

A website for any business is the first web presence that can effectively represent the business. Hence, a website should be prepared with latest guidelines of the Google algorithms and user engaging contents with keywords that is searched by the visitors. It not only helps increase the search ranking of the website, but also it makes visitors find the useful content. It is the interaction that encourages visitors to submit the lead or call the business and make an inquiry. It all happens when a visitor reaches the website. Hence, it is very important to ready the SEO optimized website and make it available for the visitors.

Stage 2: Develop Social media marketing profile of the business and connect it to the website.

After launching a website, a digital marketer should, create social media profiles at different platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram among the others. Here, digital marketer should prepare a calendar for posting content or status update on different profiles of business nature. It will attract the traffic to the social media profile and from here, the traffic can be sent to the website. On a similar note, a website should have links to the social media profiles and people coming to the website, should be guided to the social media profile. So, two-way communication is established and it is very helpful to create more leads. Besides, there are paid ad campaigns that can be run on these social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It can also be used to generate leads or higher traffic to the website. Here, digital marketers should pay attention to work selectively on some of the most popular social media platforms to get better results, rather managing profiles on so many platforms. It will help them do effective social media marketing as well.

Stage 3: Collect Emails and execute email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of doing digital marketing and it can also be done effectively by the digital marketers with little attention. For this, digital marketers should create a subscriber box in the website to help visitors submit their emails to get the interesting and useful content in  their mailbox. Digital marketers can get the suitable plugin or widget from email marketing platform such as MailChimp  and implement to the website. Further, digital marketer can also collect the email ids from the concerned website of similar nature who will be interested in the content. Afterwards, it is the email marketing platforms such as MailChimp or software applications such as Send blaster. Effective use of these free applications, helps digital marketers reach out to the audience and generate leads for the business.

So,  digital marketers have many channels to choose from, to implement their digital marketing strategy and become successful. For this, they should learn digital marketing training effectively and build their knowledge with regular practice and updating themselves. Some of the channels discussed ate website development, SEO, social media marketing and email marketing. In the next article, some other digital marketing channels will be discussed to increase the success rate in digital marketing.

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How To Use Email Marketing To Increase Sales

How To Use Email Marketing To Increase Sales

Email marketing is one of the most important and cost effective channels in digital marketing that can help increase the sales via online platforms. Besides, email marketing helps digital marketers to express their communication with the help of images, screen-shots and text that can appeal the email reader to take action and create sales for the different business setups of different sizes. Here, emails, prepared by the digital marketers are a one page website template that has all kind of information, a person looks into and help the customers to convince them and develop interests to but the products and services online. Such type of emails, also create micro-conversions such as reading of the mails, following up the websites using the email links and saving the emails for further reviews as favourites or star marked. Hence, an effective email marketing develops an engagement level that leads to sales. Though, it is also observed that an email promoting products and services, can also end up in spam or to any other folder that are not viewed by the email readers. To prevent it, there are some proven techniques and platforms to be used so that email lands in primary or promotional categories of the email service providers. These techniques are as follows:

  1. Always check the spam score before sending an email

Emails use promotional content and while doing so, they can easily fall in the trap of using those words and links that are considered spam by the email spam filters. In this regard, the email marketers should use those email platforms that provide email verification for spam and identify spam score for the mails being sent. For this purpose, it is the Send Blaster email application and Mailchimp that provides such spam checking services. It is important if we want these mails not to go to the spam.

  1. Never use the terms such as free, gifts in subject or title

Emails should use the persuasive content to make readers, take call to action. These emails should not directly incite the readers with terms like gifts, free and surprise gifts. These terms are not considered good and send mail to the spam box.

  1. Prevent over addition of links in the mail

An email marketer should refrain from excessive addition of the links to the different content of the email. So, hyperlinking should be done judiciously to make it more meaningful and helpful to the readers. It will make the email to be more readable quality and useful for the potential consumers and spam score will also be at a minimum.

  1. Always give the unsubscribe option in the mail

Emails should have the unsubscribe button in the email, because it will help customers move out of the mailing lists if they do not want to receive the mails in the future. It is important, because it limits the negativity developed in the readers and controls the annoyance as they go out of the list and they will not receive the mails in the future unless they re-join the list.

  1. Keep sufficient text in the mail to convey the purpose of the mail

Sometimes, email service providers do not show the image and only show the text part of it. In such a scenario, an email with only image content will not be shown properly. As a result, emails will not be able to generate the sales or lead. Hence, putting a good amount of text, will help readers know the purpose and objectives of the mail and let them take action and buy products.

  1. Put conversational tone in emails

The marketers should use conversation way of putting the content so that it can develop a connection with the email readers. It is a good strategy, because it also directly answers the queries raised by the customers.

  1. Prevent putting spam content in the mail

Email marketers should not put spam content, meaningless content or any other content that is not useful to the readers. Such content, not adding value to the readers, can create more harm than the good. Readers can also make complaints to the email service providers, leading to the temporary or permanent suspension of the services. Besides, bad reputation will also be created. So, email marketers should be careful in email marketing.

Above techniques will help increase the effectiveness of the emails to increase sales. To learn email marketing as a part of digital marketing training, you can follow here for more details.

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How to increase sales using social media marketing

How to increase sales using social media marketing

Social media marketing is the one of the most important digital marketing techniques that is benefitting a huge number of businesses across the globe. Today, there are more than 2 billion people, registered on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram among the others. These users become a target audience that can be approached and reached upon to, using the social media marketing. Hence, social media marketing becomes a very interesting and attractive proposition for the digital marketers. It is the reason for the demand of professionals who are very good in social media marketing and have got a very good social media marketing training. There are different platforms that provide social media marketing and help increase the sales of the products and services. These platforms are as follows:

1. Facebook as a social media Platform

Facebook is the social media platform that has the highest number of registered users and it has the specific provisions to increase the sales. It starts with the creation of business page for the business for whom, the business is to be promoted. Using business page creation, a business can promote its products and services via that page and create likes on that page. It shows the fan following level of the business. Afterwards, the business can create and manage different types of ads using the business page on the Facebook profile. At present, there are more than 10 types of ads that can be created using a Facebook marketing by creating different types of ads. The most important type of the ad is a lead generation campaign for the business. It helps business to create a form that will be attached to the image based ad and that form will be used to fill the details by the consumers. These details will be forwarded to the business who have run the lead generation campaign. Now, business will contact the leads, convince them and convert to generate sales. The next type of campaign is to send people to the website pages that are specific to the products and services being promoted. It has a single image, or image slideshows that are linked to the web page. Once the ad is clicked, the consumer visits the web page and reviews products and services. It creates a scope of lead submission that can be used to generate sales.

social media marketing

2. Twitter ads for social media marketing

Twitter as a social media platform is getting very popular due to its precise, specific nature of the content being targeted to the audience that are short, but highly meaningful to the audience. Twitter with its huge number of the registered user base, has been very attractive to the social media marketers and for these people, twitter ads have been launched. It has different types of ads that only make tweets to be in trend, but also help audience reach to the website. It develops awareness and interest that can be converted to leads with a mentioning of mobile numbers and contact form. With regular interaction with the audience, business is able to convince the visitors to buy products and service, either at the website or submit details to generate leads. Hence, using twitter ads is very important for businesses to generate sales.

3. LinkedIn ads for social media marketing

LinkedIn as a social media platform is a paradise for those who are interested in corporate sales. LinkedIn is a place for networking among the professionals and high profile people such as vice presidents, CEOs, managers and other executives interact with each other. These designations are what who take key decisions for their organization. Hence, marketing with suitable content to these people via LinkedIn ad platform, can help businesses generate corporate sales and huge amount of revenue can be generated with each sales opportunity. Due to this reason, LinkedIn ads is very important for the digital marketers. Here, the marketers can bring visitors to the company page, or to the website using LinkedIn ads while making targeting on the basis of location, profile, company size and industry among the others. It makes sales opportunities for the businesses.

Further, other social media platforms will be discussed in the next article.

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Build Sustainable Audience For The Ads In Digital Marketing

Build Sustainable Audience For The Ads In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and its ad campaigns have gained a huge popularity among the marketers due to its precision, ability to measure and reach out to the audience at different locations, other than its cost effectiveness. But, ad campaigns need an audience that pays attention to the customized communication made by the ads and respond in terms of leads, sales or website visits. It requires to make the audience to be sustainable and it demand the marketers to work smartly and develop connectivity with the audience. Let’s learn to do it as digital marketers.

Understand the audience and customize the message:

An ad campaign under the digital marketing, should identify the audience, its preferences, ongoing trends among themselves and the demand gaps faced by them. Accordingly, they should customize the messages in a way that it suits to the customers and they feel comfortable with the ad and its language. It brings audience to be closer to the ad campaigns and strong relationship is now being forged.

Develop integrated marketing communication that conveys the same message:

A digital marketer can opt for different marketing channels such as Google Ads, Social Media, and emails that reach to the same audience. Hence, it becomes very important for all of these ad campaigns to convey the same meaning and interpretations to the audience. It develops trust, consistency and positive brand building. It starts transforming an audience to become a sustainable audience.

Develop a coherence and synergy between the ad campaigns, messages and landing page:

It is important to meet the expectation of the audience when they keep following the ads and come to the landing page of the website. The landing wage of the website, should be able to answer the queries like why they should buy the products or service, why it is best for them or the differentiated features of the products and services. If it satisfies the queries of the audience, then audience trusts the marketers and develop a belief upon the ads. Now, the audience becomes sustainable in nature and keep coming to the website. It is further facilitated by the SEO optimized website, making search engine optimization to be the one of the most important skills for the digital marketers.

Offers loyalty discounts and coupons to leverage the audience:

Digital marketers should reward the audience for their patience and sticking with the ads and its inherent messages. It should be in terms of discounts meant for loyal customers, or coupon based discounts that can be redeemed by the audience. As a result, the audience gets motivated and feel rewarded of their allegiance. Hence, it is very important to recognize the contribution made by the customers in growing a business. It develops a sustainable audience via ads.

Above are some of the strategic initiatives that can be used by the digital marketers to make their ad campaigns to be more successful, because it works through the sustainable audience. For more readings, click digital marketing.