ThankYou Page to ContactUs Form in WordPress Website

ThankYou Page to ContactUs Form in WordPress Website

Conversion tracking has been an important measurement while conducting business development activities. It helps us to evaluate the execution of valuable activities on a website. One of those valuable activities is lead generation for business development. It can simply be tracked by no. of times, “thank-you” page appears after each submission through the contact us form. In default setting with a WordPress website, contact us plugins don’t show a thank-you page after form submission. Thus, we need additional changes to be done so that thank-you page appears. It is explained in full details in following video tutorial. We have used “Contact Form 7” plugin to explain the process (thankyou page wordpress).

Besides, following step by step process can also be followed to achieve the objective (thankyou page wordpress):

Step1:    log in to WordPress website – thankyou page wordpress

Step2:   Add contact form 7 plugin

Step3:   Create Contact Form Page

Step4:   create a thank you page

Step5:   Now link your thank-you page to contact us form

thankyou page wordpress

Add following code to the addition setting section of the “contact form 7” plugin

on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘’);”. In this tutorial, code implemented is on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘’);”

Step6:   Now, we are done. Test it and use it for further tracking codes. It is very helpful in conversion tracking work in lead generation through Adwords (thankyou page wordpress).

For more reading, refer to the page.

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Top Seven Must Have Plugins for a WordPress Website

Top Seven Must Have Plugins for a WordPress Website

Top plugins for wordpress are the tools that give additional functionality to a WordPress website. Though, there are thousands of plugins available for installation, some of them are very useful and must have for every website. out of those, seven plugins have been selected for  reference.

  1. AKISMET (top plugins for wordpress)

AkismetA new website always becomes the target of spam comments and here you need a plugin that filters out such comments and protect the website. Thus, be sure to have it in the list of installed plugins. It simply protects your website from unsolicited comments while being in the background.

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