ThankYou Page to ContactUs Form in WordPress Website

ThankYou Page to ContactUs Form in WordPress Website

Conversion tracking has been an important measurement while conducting business development activities. It helps us to evaluate the execution of valuable activities on a website. One of those valuable activities is lead generation for business development. It can simply be tracked by no. of times, “thank-you” page appears after each submission through the contact us form. In default setting with a WordPress website, contact us plugins don’t show a thank-you page after form submission. Thus, we need additional changes to be done so that thank-you page appears. It is explained in full details in following video tutorial. We have used “Contact Form 7” plugin to explain the process (thankyou page wordpress).

Besides, following step by step process can also be followed to achieve the objective (thankyou page wordpress):

Step1:    log in to WordPress website – thankyou page wordpress

Step2:   Add contact form 7 plugin

Step3:   Create Contact Form Page

Step4:   create a thank you page

Step5:   Now link your thank-you page to contact us form

thankyou page wordpress

Add following code to the addition setting section of the “contact form 7” plugin

on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘’);”. In this tutorial, code implemented is on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘’);”

Step6:   Now, we are done. Test it and use it for further tracking codes. It is very helpful in conversion tracking work in lead generation through Adwords (thankyou page wordpress).

For more reading, refer to the page.

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Add Google Analytics Code to WordPress Website

Add Google Analytics Code to WordPress Website

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google to measure and analyze the visitor’s interaction with a website. At present, free version of the tool helps people to understand the complete details of visitor demographics, location and search preferences among the others. One account of Google Analytics can register and create 100 no. of UA properties. Without implementing Google Analytics code to a website, the owners cannot understand the visitor’s behavior on a website. Following Video tutorial helps you to create and implement it to a WordPress website.

Step by step method with screenshots are as follows:

Step1: Log In to your Google Analytics Account with Google ID

Google Analytics in WordPress
Step2: Go To Admin Section and Create a new  Property in the account and Fill up the related details.

Google Analytics in WordPress 2
Step3: Accept the T&C and Your required Code/JS is ready. Copy this code.

Google Analytics in WordPress 3
Step4: Log In to your WordPress website and go to the editor Section under Appearance Menu of your dashboard.

Google Analytics in WordPress 4
Step5: Open “header.php” file and paste the given Code/JS before closing Head (</head>) Tag.

Google Analytics in WordPress 5
Step6: Update the “header.php” file and that’s it. You have done it successfully.

Google Analytics in WordPress 6 Google Analytics in WordPress 7
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