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Programming Languages with Linux

C with LinuxCourses based on programming languages are very popular among students in smaller cities. Though, they don’t own the in depth understanding and application of these high level languages. In industry arena, most popular languages used are c and cpp for application development of various kinds. Two prominent courses c with linux training and cpp with linux course. With these two courses, platform used is Linux as it is the most popular operating system due to its customization features and low cost. It is also highly compatible with almost all the technology based projects. Basically these languages have huge role to play in embedded software development. Any undergraduate or graduate students can take admission in these programs to succeed in the domain of programming. It offers a high flying career option to those who are good in aptitude and always willing to learn.

Training Methodology:

Students are trained through live and ”hands on“ projects under the strict guidance of expert who are the regular industry practitioner. They train candidates from the very scratch and then advance concepts are explained in detail. It is an optimum combination of conceptual and practical sessions which lead to making of a good programmer. Regular evaluation and feedback is the essential part of this methodology. Successful candidates are seamlessly placed in to client companies at a good package.

Who can do these courses?

These programs don’t require any technical qualification or previous experience of programming. Though, with some experience, it puts someone in an advantageous position and learning curve become steep. Many online related forums and blogs are functional to check out what the latest is going in the concerned field. It also raises the skill level of the student. Embedded software training helps them to gain a prominent position in their career very soon.

Course content in brief for C programming:

Some of the important topics for discussion are: Introduction to C programming and data structures; Linux fundamentals; programming strategies; decision making, looping and functions; memory allocation; Advanced data structure; project work and debugging; objection handling

Course content in brief for CPP programming:

Some of the important topics for discussion are: Introduction to CPP programming, Concept of OOPS, data structure fundamentals, various functions, Advance concepts in CPP, Project development, Debugging work, objection handling

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Programming Languages with Linux
It discusses the career prospects for those who come up after successful industrial training on programming languages with Linux. It offers insights on eligibility criteria of students also who can go for this course.

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